Maag Pump, a Swiss based gear company, will present at K2010 the latest generation of screen changers meeting the

requirements of direct recycling processes, such as the fabrication of food-wrapping films from PET bottle flakes in one process step. The triennial plastics and rubber trade fair will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 27 to November 3 this year.

Displayed on site, any interested persons may have a look at the new Recycling Screen Changer at the exhibition stand No. 5 of Maag Pump Systems in hall No. 9.

In the newly developed product line of CSC/BF-PE Screen Changers, this has become possible thanks to the fully automatic cleaning of the screens which can be adjusted to any kind of process.

The quantity of material which is needed for backflushing of the screens is collected in a permanently flushed accumulating space and will then clean the dirty screen cloth outside the production process by backflushing.

In this way, variations in pressure and volume are to the greatest extent avoided and the effects on the final product are minimized.

The flow channel geometry which is entirely free from any dead spots as well as the free setting of backflush pressure, quantity and time facilitates the processing of all marketable recycling plastics and thermally sensitive polymers. Upon the introduction of production line specific set points into the control system, the backflush filter changes to the operating mode and starts the fully automatic cleaning of the screens which is controlled by pressure or time and depends on the level of dirt accumulation. Recycling Screen Changers are based on the well-proven double-piston design which does without any additional seals and ensures a reliable and leak-proof operation.

The product line of CSC / BF-PE Screen Changers will be available in all sizes and can be incorporated into any existing extrusion lines belatedly.


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