Maag and Automatik joint forces again at CHINAPLAS

Maag and Automatik joint forces again at CHINAPLAS
Maag and Automatik joint forces again at CHINAPLAS

Maag Pump Systems AG and Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH will once again join forces at CHINAPLAS. Maag Pump Systems will unveil its brand new Entrex EA pump, developed specifically for the Asian market while Automatik Plastics Machinery will display its popular SPHERO 50 as well as a locally manufactured BAOLI 200 strand pelletizer.

Maag is launching its extrex EA, a localized extrusion pump covering most extrusion applications. Assembled in the company’s new facility in Shanghai, the pump also integrates key components, such as gears and bearings made in Maag’s European facilities to guarantee its quality standards. The EA pump covers most standard extrusion applications, providing a differential pressure of up to 200bar. On display will be a 1 extrex 56-EA and 1 extrex 70-EA.

The new generation SPHERO 50 of Automatik features a well thought-out design and improved ergonomics that results in quick start-up, permanent process reliability also with difficult products, and good pellet quality. Its operator-friendly compact design sees all system components mounted on a mobile frame, offering unhampered access from all sides. This significantly eases the cleaning of the machine and product changeovers.

The SPHERO 50 is capable of handling flow-rates of up to 600kg/h. In economic terms, even significantly lower flow-rates from approximately 70kg/h become profitable subject to product, the company explains. The SPHERO 50 is the smallest system in the series that offers the same benefits as the bigger models while featuring the same functionalities.


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