Lehrmitt uses 3-D printing for mold textures

Lehrmitt Associates Inc.’s design studios of Austin, Texas, is using 3-D printing to etch molds with tactile, textured surfaces that bring the finishing touch of an artist to plastic consumer products.
“Our design team has been deploying leading technologies in product design, manufacturing and packaging for over 20 years,” said Bob Lehrmitt, president and owner. “We have a deep experience in surface design. For the product developer who wants a quick, low-cost solution, we have over 100 designs to choose from.”Called Surface Skins, the technology can etch more than 100 designs, including animal skins, textiles, tribal patterns and geometric designs. Applications could include cell phone covers, light switch plates, makeup compacts and eyewear frames.

To use Surface Skins, product developers choose the design, and the company wraps the “skin” around the product CAD file. The file can then be sent to a 3-D printer for prototyping or used to add textures to a product mold.


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