Kerala man makes petrol from plastic waste

A man developed a petrol making plant which can create 9.5 litres of fuel from 10Kg of waste.

THRISSUR: The Perinjanam panchayat here has developed the prototype of a pyrolysis plant in which plastic waste could be burnt and distilled to make petrol and other byproducts. This is part of its endeavour to find a low-cost and pollution-free technology for processing non-biodegradable waste. The plant was designed by Mr V.S. Sreejith, who has worked for several years in solid waste management and is director of science centre in Kodungallur, which promotes scientific experiments among students.
The plastic burnt in the plant generates gas and the long-chain hydrocarbons in it are condensed using water and converted into petroleum in liquid form. The small-chain hydro-carbons remain as gas. This, in turn, can be used as a substitute for LPG or bio-gas. The demonstration of the plant was held successfully at the community hall of Perinjanam on Tuesday.“Petroleum is converted to plastic products by heating it at a particular temperature. In the pyrolysis plant of the prototype which we have developed, a reversal of polymerization happens,” Mr Sreejith said. The plant is at present burnt using LPG for display, but the bio-gas from organic waste will be used for the purpose when the civic body puts the technology to use to processing plastic, he added. “Out of 10 kg of plastic, 9 litres and 600 ml of petroleum can be extracted using this technology,” he claimed.

The sample of the petrol which has been distilled will be handed over to well-known petrochemical companies for quality test, he added. The petroleum extracted from plastic can be further distilled into petrol and other byproducts like turpentine and wax among others. The waste (activated carbon) in the burner can be reused for water purifiers and for making paints.

“If the plastic waste is provided free of cost, the only expense will be for the labour. The civic body would soon obtain an NOC from the Pollution Control Board and start such plants at different areas in the panchayat,” said Perinjanam panchayat president K.K. Sachith.



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