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Kabra Gloucester Engineering unveils its first 5-layer film system

Kabra Gloucester Engineering of Dunetha-Daman, India, a joint venture between Kabra Extrusiontechnik (KET) Ltd in the country and

US-based Gloucester Engineering Company, Inc, unveiled its first Kage five-Layer blown film system at an open house held at the company’s headquarters on October 11-12.

Kage is the brand name for film systems manufactured by KET, utilizing Gloucester Engineering’s designs and technology. During the open house, the 5-Layer blown film line produced 2,200mm layflat barrier film, for oil packaging applications, at 525kg/hour. The line, which can also be used for producing lamination films, is designed for outputs of up to 600kg/hour and has an installed capacity of 4,000t/year, the company remarked.

Additional features of the system shown at the open house include: extruders with light groove feed technology; 610mm self-centering die utilizing encapsulated feedport technology; ultra cool II dual lip air ring with film thickness control utilizing beta gauge measurement; carbon composite rollers for collapsers; and turret style center winders.

Kabra said the line has been specifically designed for Indian company Prropyl Packs. The latter company will use the machine at its plant to manufacture film for primarily edible oil packaging applications. The barrier film will meet government shipping standards and will improve the shelf life of the oil, protecting it against oxygen and moisture, and ensuring its cleanliness.

Adam Blumenthal, Managing Partner of Blue Wolf Capital, the majority owner of Gloucester Engineering, said in the event, “I am extremely proud to see the equipment run so well and am gratified to observe our customers openly embrace the Kage brand. We look forward to continuing to serve both the domestic and export market with our KET partners and expanding Kage’s global market share.”


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