Introduces all new line of vision inspection products for plastic containers at NPE 2012

Introduces all new line of vision inspection products for plastic containers at NPE 2012
Introduces all new line of vision inspection products for plastic containers at NPE 2012
Introduces all new line of vision inspection products for plastic containers at NPE 2012

Agr International, Inc. will be exhibiting at NPE 2012, Booth 149.  An array of Agr products for the quality management and testing of plastic containers will be featured at this year’s show.

At NPE 2012, Agr will feature its latest in vision inspection products including: 

Pilot Vision™, Agr’s all-new vision-based inspection system that mounts inside the blowmolder to provide detection of random occurring defects during the production of PET bottles. This system offers manufacturers a means to critically evaluate preforms and blown bottles for defects that may compromise the quality of the finished product.

OptiCheck™ system which features a new level of vision-based quality management for rigid plastic containers. This all-new multi-camera inspection system offers versatile yet comprehensive detection for the entire bottle including seal surface, sidewall, base and label defect detection as well as laboratory-precision finish gauging, on the conveyor line.  The OptiCheck system is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers that produce bottles in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials and colors.

In addition to the Pilot Vision system, Agr will also demonstrate the other members of the Process Pilot® family of products for PET container production which include:
Process Pilot® automated blowmolder control system, a real-time, process management program that works in conjunction with Agr’s PETWall Profiler® system to automate the management of blowmolder production. The Process Pilot program continuously monitors bottle material distribution and automatically adjusts blowmolder operating parameters, without operator intervention, to maintain optimal bottle distribution and efficient blowmolder operation on a 24/7 basis.

The PETWall Profiler® material distribution measurement system offers in-the-blowmolder process and quality control for PET containers as well as critical process management tools.  The PETWall Profiler process monitoring system provides detailed, real-time, cavity-correlated data on thickness distribution and blowmolder performance plus random defect detection over the entire body of the container.  The PETWall Profiler system is a key component to hands-free blowmolder operation.

Agr will also demonstrate several products for off-line or laboratory testing applications including the Gawis® OD all-in-one laboratory test system, offering comprehensive, automatic measurement of a number of critical parameters for PET containers and performs; the PPT3000™ pressure tester, providing high-precision pressure and volume expansion testing of plastic bottles; the Combi™ tester, performing both volume and top load testing to determine the capacity and vertical strength of plastic containers; the all new Profiler Gauge PG9800T system, measuring thickness distribution profile of PET containers; the MBT 7200/7400 wall thickness measurement gauge, providing high-accuracy measurement of all types of non-ferrous containers, packages and related materials; and various additional gauges for determining wall thickness, perpendicularity, base clearance and material stresses.

Agr staff members will be available to discuss these products and the rest of their complete line of process monitoring and quality control equipment for the plastic container industry.  As an industry leader for over 75 years, Agr is committed to provide the plastic container industry with the most technologically advanced products available for quality control and productivity improvement.

For further information, contact: Karen Marcellus, Events Coordinator/Marketing Communications Specialist, Agr International, Butler, PA, USA, Phone +1 (724) 482-2163 or email [email protected]

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