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INCOE presents QUICK-FLO for hi-cavitation molding

Plastics molding systems and specialized tooling manufacturer INCOE has recently developed a series of hot runner systems for the processing of commodity grade resins used in hi-cavitation molding.

The QUICK-FLO (QF) systems are now available in addition to INCOE’s successful line of DIRECT-FLO Gold hot runners which are well suited for technical part molding with up to 1000g shot weights per nozzle.

QF systems are used specifically for caps/closures, medical disposables, pharmaceutical and packaging applications which demand maximum output, repeatable part quality and superior cosmetics. Nozzles are available in three popular sizes with flow channel diameters of 3mm, 5mm and 8mm, and with shot ranges of 3-375g. Gating options include thermal tip and valve gate with tips manufactured using highly conductive materials for optimal thermal response.

According to John Blundy, Vice President, Business Development for INCOE, the newly developed nozzles use INCOE’s proven twin heater technology for failsafe operation. The heater is profiled into the QF nozzle body with a compact design suited for close pitch hi-cavitation molds, which usually realizes higher pressures.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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