Systems for PET preform moulding are big business for Husky of Canada, so the company is putting effort into resources to support public education about the safety, sustainability and recyclability of PET.

A year ago it joined with other organisations in the PET business to publish the Facts on PET website which, alongside information on recycling PET, has been allaying concerns from public misconceptions that PET contains bisphenol-A.
     Now Husky has become involved with the Allied Development Corporation, a consulting and publications company, to conduct Life cycle analysis studies to determine how the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of manufacturing and transporting PET relate to alternative forms of packaging. The first study found that in North America, PET is the most favourable alternative when compared to aluminium cans and glass bottles for a 355 ml carbonated soft drink application. When measuring greenhouse gas emissions, PET containers had the lowest output, substantially less than aluminum and also less than glass. In terms of energy consumption, PET also performed the best.



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