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ECKART with New Effect Pigment Products at European Coatings Show 2009

 Nuremberg — ECKART, the world’s leading manufacturer of metallic pigments, is presenting itself as an innovative and experienced consulting partner for all issues regarding innovative effect pigment applications at the ECS, the international coatings and paint industry trade fair, in Nuremberg.

A wide range of new developments awaits trade representatives in hall 7A, stand 305. The most important highlights:

Energy Efficiency with Aluminum Pigments

Traditional interior wall paints absorb on average 95% of the thermal radiation and allow heat to escape through the masonry to the exterior. Transparent interior paints that have been specially treated with aluminum pigments have the ability to reflect up to 50% of this heat back into the room. This relatively uncomplicated technical process can significantly reduce home energy consumption as well as the associated burden on the environment caused by the unnecessary CO2 production. In addition, the reflected warmth contributes subjectively to increase the coziness of the room as felt by the occupants. ECKART has developed SHINEDECOR, an aqueous pigment concentrate, to guarantee easy incorporation for this application. Shinedecor is simply added to transparent interior wall paints in the same manner as any accent color. The mixed paint is then ready for application by roller or brush.

LUXAN Glass Flakes

LUXAN is the brand name for the innovative glass flakes from ECKART. The glass flakes, which belong to the family of pearlescent pigments, are made from a synthetic base – the starting point for unique visual effects. The ECKART pearlescent pigments exhibit a transparency never before attained. The resulting pearlescent effect offers various, novel design possibilities in terms of colour purity and depth. Beyond this, LUXAN demonstrates an extraordinary brilliance and a high degree of reflectivity that produces a remarkable pearl-like, gloss effect. The introduction of small quantities of the glass flakes into clear coatings produces an impressive range of design options, which effectively accent the base color. The LUXAN colour spectrum extends from silver and gold to a strong, chrome blue

Chrome Effect and New Silver Dollars

METALURE® and SILVERSHINE® pigment dispersions offer the highest degree of reflectivity in paints and coatings. Coatings with these types of pigment exhibit clear, smooth, brilliant, and metallic visual effects. Surface effects can be created that range from a smooth satin-chrome to a “liquid-metal” look. The ECKART product lines offer a range from bright white tones to dark metallic and anodized chrome effects. In addition to these direct surface coatings, mirroring effects can also be achieved with counter applications on transparent backgrounds like glass or plexiglass. An almost infinite range of color creativity is possible when METALURE® and SILVERSHINE® are used in combination with organic, colour pigments. The exceptional coating provided by ultrafine aluminum pigments allows the desired color effect to be produced with lower pigmentation amounts of just 0.5% – 1.5% (aluminum stable).

STAPA® Metallux 4800 and 4000 Series:

The new white silver dollar pigments of the Stapa® Metallux 4800 series show a light and bright appearance over all angles and nearly no flop. For smooth “close-to-white” shades mainly requested by the asian market. We present Stapa® Metallux 4830 (D50 = 15µm), Stapa® Metallux 4840 (D50 = 13 µm) and Stapa® Metallux 4860 (D50 = 8µm) Stapa® Metallux 4000 series: new fine silver dollar pigments with very narrow particle size distribution and perfect optical performance in one-coat applications. We introduce the products Stapa® Metallux 4030 (D50 = 14µm) and Stapa® Metallux 4060 (D50 = 9µm)


Stapa® NDF – non degrading flakes with excellent circulation stability for OEM. The new NDF 3000 serie with narrower particle size distribution, higher brilliance, deeper flop and the same circulation stability is introduced. We present Stapa® NDF 3120 (D50 = 12µm), Stapa® NDF 3150 (D 50 = 15µm) and Stapa® NDF 3200 (D50 = 20µm).

Ultra-High Performance Non-Leafing Aluminium Pigments for Powder Coating

STANDART® PCU is a new generation of non-leafing aluminium pigments with an extremely high level of chemical resistance. What makes the STANDART® PCU aluminium pigments so special is the innovative concept of pigment encapsulation with an inorganic-organic double coating. This unique inorganic-organic double coating provides the STANDART® PCU aluminium pigments an exceptional resistance regarding corrosion and chemical resistance. Therefore the STANDART® PCU pigments open up new application fields for metallic powder coatings where improved chemical resistance is required. The STANDART® PCU pigment range contains 5 pigment grades providing a variety of optical effects, ranging from crystalline sparkling to silky gloss.

Dust-free Aluminium Pigment Pellets for Direct Extrusion in Powder Coatings

POWDERSAFE®-02 Silver is a series of dust-free aluminium pigment granules, specially developed for the direct extrusion in powder coatings. What makes – POWDERSAFE®-02 Silver so special is that, for the most part, the silver metallic effect remains after extrusion and grinding. The POWDERSAFE®-02 silver-Granules are added at the premix stage with the other raw materials followed by extruding and grinding. Additional processing steps such as in dry-blending or bonding of aluminium pigment powder are no longer necessary when working with POWDERSAFE®-02 Silver. POWDERSAFE®-02 Silver focuses very specifically on the particularly popular silver-coloured metallic effects of aluminium pigments. With the tailor-made -02 POWDERSAFE® Silver product range of exactly four types a broad spectrum of metallic effects can be created via direct extrusion from crystalline sparkling to silky gloss (without any bonding or dry-blending).

Novel Non-Leafing Aluminium Pigments for Powder Coatings

STANDART®PC3D pigments are a new generation of non-leafing aluminium pigments. What sets them apart is the completely new pigment encapsulation concept, in which all aluminium pigment cores are surrounded by an inorganic silica encapsulation and an additional organic layer containing thermosetting resin molecules. This new patent applied pigment encapsulation concept creates a unique metallic effect, which had never been possible to achieve in powder coatings until now. In transparent or translucent basic powder coatings STANDART®PC3D pigments create metallic effects with unique spatial depth and a three-dimensional appearance – quite close to the metallic effects of wet paint application. A further advantage of the new pigment encapsulation with thermosetting molecules is the successful embedding of the STANDART®PC3D aluminium pigments in the matrix of the powder coating film, resulting in extraordinary chemical resistance properties and rub resistance.



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