Houston-based recycling company Greenstar North America has announced the opening of its recycling center in Poland, Ohio. Congressman Charlie Wilson and Dennis Soriano,

Greenstar’s COO, were among those present at the grand opening festivities Oct. 27. “Today’s grand opening demonstrates the commitment that has been made to providing expanded recycling services for the citizens of Mahoning County,” Soriano said at the grand opening. “Recycling is the right choice for the environment—and the local economy. We are preserving natural resources, reducing carbon emissions and creating green jobs.”


The new facility handles residential curbside collected commingled recyclables generated in Mahoning County and most of the materials collected from recycling drop-off sites in the community.

Greenstar invested $2.1 million to develop the recycling center. The investment was supported by a $250,000 matching grant by the Ohio Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention through a Market Development Grant administered by the Mahoning County Green Team. The proceeds were used to fund new recycling equipment.

“Greenstar was very pleased to receive government support for the recycling center,” says Arnold Brock, Greenstar general manager, in a press release announcing the MRF opening. “The best results are often achieved through public-private partnerships.”

Greenstar has provided recycling services in the neighboring Pennsylvania area since it acquired Recycle Management in 2007, and describes itself as the largest municipal recycler in that state. Greenstar entered the Ohio market in 2010 with a long-term contract to provide recycling services to the city of Cleveland.

Greenstar handles 2 million tons per year of recyclables through a network of 14 processing facilities in the United States.


Source : www.recyclingtoday.com

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