Extended ranges of Blue Air Systems' dryers shown at Fakuma

Extended ranges of Blue Air Systems' dryers shown at Fakuma
Extended ranges of Blue Air Systems' dryers shown at Fakuma
Extended ranges of Blue Air Systems' dryers shown at Fakuma

Austria-based Blue Air Systems has introduced the extended range of the 2011 introduced RD series, a complete modular built and flexible dryer system to condition plastic resin with dry process air. New details have also been added to improve the operation and control of the entire process.

Adding to the existing RDX series with hopper sizes from 3.5-92L, the range of application has been downsized with the RDM series as well as upsized with the RDL dryer series. The RDM series are for small and micro injection units, with throughput of 0.05-1.5kg/h and hopper sizes ranging from 2-7L. The new dryers are equipped with double wall Borosilicate glass for optimal thermal decoupling, step-less adjustable material sensors in combination with an automatic hopper loading device and a full range process controller, as used on the bigger RDX system.

The three hopper sizes two, four and seven liters are available in two versions, RDM Integral and RDM Split. In the Integral version, the main components build one unit, in the Split version; the process air module and the hopper are separated to allow a more flexible installment to improve ease of use and to take the weight off the extruder. Meanwhile, the larger RDL dryers are available with hopper volumes between 100-1,800L, which enables material throughput of up to 300kg/h.

According to Blue Air Systems, the RD resin dryer units are usually mounted directly onto the extruder throat of the plastic processing machine, but can just as well be installed as a central drying unit. The modular system consists of four main components: process air module, material hopper, dryer lid and hopper extension. This allows quick changes of the hopper sizes to adapt to the needed material throughput and better accessibility for maintenance.

One of the main aspects of the RD dyer series is the complete circulation of dry air around each and every resin through the ring jet system. In the RDL series this is supported by the integrated heat injector system for optimal conditioning of the process air.

If needed for highly demanded applications such as the production of PET performs, the dew point of the air can be lowered down to -70°C. By recycling high quality exhaust compressed air used on injection blow molding machines, energy costs for drying the material can be reduced to approximately 60% in plastic processing, according to Blue Air Systems.

Bernhard Stipsits, Managing Director, says, “The RD dryers set new standards in performance, functionality and flexibility. The principle of thorough drying, resin for resin using lowest possible energy consumption has been adapted to larger volume hoppers with greater material through-put to enlarge the application range.”

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