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Erema’s Recycling System Produces Unexpecetd Sales

In a latest development in the European plastic industry one of the renowned names in the Europan plastic recycling field Intarema has performed unexpectedly and has delivered more what was forecasted. According to news from the sources the recycling and development plant has roughly doubled its dales in last quarter and had made a total sale of €110m (£87m) for the 2014/15 fiscal year which is a 10% high than the previous one.

It is important to underline here that The Intarema System has been serving the industry since last 10 years and have been offering a high degree of flexibility in the materials that can be processed, especially material with high input moisture and contamination levels, such as washed agricultural films, washed post-consumer PE film flakes, films with solid content and thick-walled regrind materials from
waste automobile and electronic goods.

Erema’s Recycling System Produces Unexpecetd Sales
Erema’s Recycling System Produces Unexpecetd Sales

According to the reports and data provided by the company sales of the company were boosted in the first quarter and are expected to climb 10% to €110m (£87m) for the 2014/15 fiscal year. While asked about the reason of the jump the representative of the organization said the result is very positive and encouraging to us and the growth in sales could be attributed to the sensational initial sales figures.

The representative also says they are continuously looking for methods and procedures to offer high quality and customer satisfactions to clients with their innovation. The recent results have created a positive vibe not only in the employees but also in the overall industry and we will be able to deliver more quality to our clients.

With its ever-growing technology  the company has also invested heavily on its Intellectual Properties and according to reports the core technology that the company is using now is a patented one and is a counter-current system. In this system the material spout moves against the direction of the extruder, unlike conventional systems. As a result, the relative speed of the material in the intake zone, when passing from the cutter/compactor to the extruder, increases to such an extent that the extruder screw acts in the same way as a sharp cutting edge which now cuts the plastic.

Erema highlighted the recycling of PP chips from car battery cases as an example application. These are very thick-walled, moist particles, so high residence times in the cutter/compactor are needed for the material to dry efficiently.

With an Intarema system oriented to this application, the particles are optimally dried, thoroughly warmed, forwarded to the extruder and the material is then melted carefully in the short extruder screw with minimum shearing strain. The improved quality of the recycled pellets means that end products, such as new battery packs, can be made with up to 100% recycled content.

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