Entex never stops improving its planetary roller extruder

Entex Rust & Mitschke GmbH continues to develop new modules for its well established planetary roller extruder. A new one enables direct feeding into the roller to get more energy in and out of the material and makes the design easier.

“We replaced the original feeding section with a planetary feeding section, the material is fed quickly into the machine. The extruder is more powerful with the same size,” explained Michael W. Batton, Overseas Sales Director of Entex.

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Entex never stops improving its planetary roller extruder

Entex is gradually building up the demonstrative capability of its technical center in China, such as underwater pelletizing, dry granulating, new mixing methods, etc.

“Instead of pre-blending polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations, we directly dose the individual raw materials like plasticizer and masterbatches into the extruder,” explained Batton.

“It streamlines the whole production process, because all the mixings are eliminated,” added Thomas Birr, Scientific-Technical Coordinator. “This continuous process also gives you better quality. It is one step ahead of other PVC compounding.”

Two lines equipped with this technology have been sold to Vietnam and Taiwan. Batton’s target is to sell 10-15 machines of such machines in Asia, “we are now able to this technology and do testing in our laboratory”.

For heavy duty extruders, Entex is also developing a new type of planetary spindles for smaller machines. “The market has shown a demand for smaller output, so we are building this for capacity of less than 1 ton per hour.” Batton explained.

Development is near the end and the first prototype will soon be produced. It will then be tested on a complete line, according to Birr.

2015 was a good year for Entex. “Right now in Europe there is huge demand for very big and complex machines, while in China the PVC market is very strong for us,” said Birr.

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