ENGEL now offers customers even more support with a new app for mobile devices. After entering just a few parameters, e-calc automatically supplies the values required for material and component-dependent design of injection moulding machines, as well as critical setting data, thus ensuring that the injection moulding machine perfectly matches the application in hand.

ENGEL launches new service era with e-calc
ENGEL launches new service era with e-calc

The materials data are stored in the software. Based on them, e-calc guides the user step by step to the results. The optimum values for the required stroke volume, the occurring filling pressure, the resulting clamping force and the screw speed and cooling time are computed.

Thus far, ENGEL has supported its customers in machine design with a data slide rule that does not remove the need for the user to perform the required computations. Even the smallest computational error can lead to inefficient injection moulding machine design. The app also offers more safety. Even less experienced plastics processors can rely on the software to find the best-suited machine within the shortest possible time. At the same time, the machine setter benefits in terms of process settings in on-going operation. They no longer need a calculator, nor do they need to enter materials data manually.

Always at hand – always state of the art
“The smartphone is something you always have at hand. This permanent availability was what prompted us to develop an app for the first time”, emphasises Dr. Georg Steinbichler, Senior Vice President of Development Technologies at ENGEL AUSTRIA. “Our objective is to continue to facilitate the use of ENGEL injection moulding technology despite increasing functional diversity.”

The materials data for typical thermoplastics, which were previously grouped in a compact way on the slide rule, are now stored in the app. They include, for example, the melt, mould and pre-drying temperatures and times, viscosity and wall thickness factors, temperature conductivities and de-moulding temperatures, permissible peripheral screw speeds, enthalpy values and guidelines for processing loss. Additionally, the new software includes a glossary of technical terms.

Communication with the customer again simplified
“We see great potential for our customer service, and in the long term for our training departments, in app technology,” emphasises Wolfgang Degwerth, Head of Customer Service Division ENGEL AUSTRIA. “Thanks to e-calc, we have again simplified communication between ENGEL and our customers, and are now entering a totally new service era. e-calc is one of the first apps to be developed for the injection moulding industry.”

The ENGEL e-calc app is available from the provider stores in German and English for Android smartphones. Versions for iOS and Windows Phone are under development.

Source: http://www.engelglobal.com/engel_web/global/en/22_4674.htm

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