Engel highlights automated packaging solution at Andina-Pack 2015

Injection Moulding Machine

Together with its distribution partner Sinemco, Engel will be presenting its packaging solution at Andina-Pack 2015, taking place from November 10-13 in Bogotá, Colombia.

An automated and fully integrated production system for the fabrication of polypropylene (PP) stacking boxes will be demonstrated with an Engel victory 500/120 spex injection molding machine equipped with the e-pic robot.

Injection Moulding Machine
Engel highlights automated packaging solution at Andina-Pack 2015

The tie-bar-less clamping unit of the Engel victory machine contributes to increased efficiency. For example, the barrier-free access to the mold area accelerates mold set-up, increasing availability and simplifying automation because the robot can access the mold directly from the side without having to circumvent any obstacles.

In addition, it is possible to realize compact production cells, thus increasing productivity per floor space.

Because the platen surface can be fully used right up to the edge, much larger molds can be mounted than on machines of the same clamping force with tie bars. It is advantageous when producing three-dimensionally complex components, when multi-cavity molds are used, and in multi-component injection molding.

“In order to boost productivity, the packaging manufacturers in Colombia are increasingly relying on high performance, energy-efficient injection molding machines and on automation,” emphasized Dr. Christoph Steger, Chief Sales Officer at Engel.

With its Force Divider flexlink, the moving platen of the clamping unit follows the mold precisely while clamping force is being built up and distributes the force evenly across the entire cross section of the mold mounting platen, which leads to high wall thickness consistency and burr-free components, explained Engel.

In addition, the stable machine frame and the precise linear guidance of the moving mold mounting platen make fast, low-friction movements possible and also ensure high platen parallelism while the mold is opening and closing as well as excellent mold protection.

The epic, Engel’s newest addition to its robot family, will be responsible for removing the 160x90x70mm boxes from the mold and discharging them. A new kinematics combines linear movements with a swivel arm, thus taking up little space.

In comparison with linear robots of the same size, Engel said the e-pic only needs half the amount of energy or even less thanks to weight-optimized parts that keep the accelerated masses low.

Both the injection molding machine and the robot are controlled by the injection machine’s control unit. They access a shared database, thus enhancing process reliability and operator convenience, added the company.

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