EMI Shielding Compounds Are Ideal For Automotive Radar and Sensing System Components

WINONA, MN USA – (April 29, 2014) – Global custom engineered thermoplastics compounder RTP Company has developed EMI shielding compounds that are ideal for replacing metal or conductive coated plastic housings in automotive sensing systems.  Because drivers depend on the proper operation of automotive radar and sensing systems to maintain vehicle safety and reliability, these systems require highly reliable EMI protection to eliminate “noise” that could interfere with signal processing.  And, as automotive industry engineers incorporate more electronic safety systems into vehicles, they need materials that are lighter in weight and provide greater design flexibility.

EMI Shielding Compounds Are Ideal For Automotive Radar and Sensing System Components
EMI Shielding Compounds Are Ideal For Automotive Radar and Sensing System Components

“The automotive industry is putting more emphasis on reducing mass in order to meet fuel efficiency and emissions regulations,” said Neil Hardwick, Marketing Manager for Conductive Products at RTP Company.  “RTP Company’s EMI shielding compounds are an ideal solution for engineers who need to replace metal components with lighter-weight materials that are simple and economical to produce without sacrificing critical EMI shielding performance.”

EMI compounds from RTP Company can be “tuned” to provide the precise range of EMI protection required for individual automotive systems.  Thermal management properties can also be combined with EMI protection in a single ready-to-mold compound, which is advantageous because, like metal, it can be used in a dual role as an EMI shield and a heat sink.

RTP Company can also incorporate other performance enhancements during compounding, such as EMI absorbers, flame retardants and structural reinforcement. EMI compounds from RTP Company provide the design, fabrication, weight savings, and corrosion resistance advantages that injection moldable thermoplastics have over traditional metal materials used to provide EMI protection.

Radar and sensing system components made with RTP Company’s EMI compounds provide consistent EMI shielding properties while minimizing total system cost. They feature molded-in shielding performance achieved in a single production step.  This is a more reliable and economical approach than coating molded plastic parts with a conductive layer in a secondary process that increases manufacturing time and costs.

EMI shielding and other properties can be incorporated into a wide range of resin systems including popular nylons (PA), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polycarbonate (PC), or polyetherimide (PEI).  All products from RTP Company are available worldwide through their global network of full-service facilities that provide technical support from design through production.

To learn more about RTP Company’s EMI Shielding compounds for automotive systems, download an Innovation Bulletin at  Product data sheets for RTP Company’s EMI shielding compounds are available on the firm’s website at

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