Panchal is launching its ET-50 (20-25 kg/hr) recycling system for process waste. at Plastindia-2009.

The latest introduction to the Panchal range of reprocessing solutions, the ET-50 aims to bring the cost-saving and quality advantages of Panchal technology to a broader customer base by reducing both the purchase price and operating costs. At a time when polymer prices are constantly increasing, reduction of wastage is becoming a top priority throughout the plastics industry. The Panchal ET-50 can reprocess a wider-than-ever range of materials including LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE, coex, and multilayer. Even printed or water-contaminated material can be processed with the system’s venting option. Material can be fed to the machine in most formats including edge trim, cut-outs, bags/sacks, and flakes.



Source: Panchal Plastic Machinery P. Ltd

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