Delcam rated world’s leading CAM software specialist for 13th year

The latest NC Software Market Analysis Report from leading US analysts CIMdata shows that, in 2012, Delcam again had the highest vendor revenues and received the highest end-user payments of all the CAM-centric companies. This means that the company has completed thirteen years as the world’s leading specialist supplier of CAM software and services, having first achieved its global leadership in 2000, despite a number of mergers and acquisitions that have created some larger competitors.

Delcam rated world's leading CAM software specialist for 13th year
Delcam rated world’s leading CAM software specialist for 13th year

CIMdata found that Delcam continues to increase its market share. The company’s share of vendor revenues grew from just over 7% in 2011 to 7.3% in 2012. A further increase in market share to over 7.5% is predicted by CIMdata for Delcam in 2013.

The CIMdata report also confirmed that Delcam continues to have the largest organisation in the CAM industry, employing 671 people, by far the largest number of staff devoted to CAM software in any company. No other company employs more than 300 people for its CAM activities.

The Delcam staff total includes the largest development team in the industry, with 210 people working on the company’s manufacturing software. The next highest CAM development team comprises 130 people, less than two-thirds of the Delcam total.

Total end-user spending on NC software and services is estimated by CIMdata to have grown by 5.9% in 2012, establishing a new record for the industry. CIMdata projects that the growth in the market will accelerate further in 2013 and so estimates that end-user spending for NC software will increase by 7.9%.

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