Driven by data

Marorka Onboard is a maritime energy management and operational performance system. It monitors your ship’s performance, give decision support to optimize fuel consumption which can lead to reduced emissions. Located on-board the vessel, it equips you with performance monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and also extensive energy and performance analysis.

Marorka Onboard System

Marorka Onboard enables monitoring and improvement of energy management efficiency and operational performance. It achieves that by collecting a wide range of on-board measurements through a central server and data acquisition units. These components form the basic infrastructure for continuous real-time monitoring and improvement. Furthermore the crew can access the system anywhere on the ship’s network through dedicated workstations, monitoring units or remote client software.

Marorka Onboard transmits data to Marorka Online (a cloud-based fleet performance reporting system). It therefore provides the shore-based personnel with access to full fleet performance data.

You can extend Marorka Onboard, at any time, with additional applications. Such applications can use computer models of the ship’s hull and energy systems. As a result, they can provide real-time recommendations about how to improve operational performance and fuel consumption.

The hardware can endure the harsh conditions aboard ships. We deliver Marorka Onboard with all the connectors and controllers needed to integrate with meters and networks.

Data Integrity

Reliable collection of accurate and detailed performance data is the foundation for improving a ship’s performance.
Reliable data is essential to determine the current operating status. It is also relevant in monitoring performance.

Robust Infrastructure

Marorka Onboard provides core functionality covering specific areas for energy management improvements. This functionality can also be extended with additional applications. Therefore, products can be selected on a case-by-case basis, thus maximizing return on investment. In addition, if your ship is connected to the Internet, Marorka Onboard takes care of sending your data to Marorka Online.

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