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Dairy company uses green plastics to cut carbon emissions

French multinational Danone, a market leader in fresh dairy products, will be using green plastic packaging for two of their popular dairy

products lines as part of their goal to reduce their carbon emissions.

Danone has set a global target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent over the next four years, from 2008 to 2012.

As a step towards reaching this goal, they have announced the use of green plastic packaging for their Activia 150g drink and their Danoninho Fermented Milk.

The Activia in green containers will hit the shelves this week while Danoninho will follow suit by September.

Danone has partnered with Braskem, an Brazilian thermoplastic resin producer, to introduce the use of green plastics to their consumers as their contribution to the sustainability of the environment.

The packaging will be produced by Braskem which has developed a sugarcane-based bioplastic that they market under the “I’m Green” seal.

According to Braskem, every ton of the bioplastic produced sequesters about 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

“Danone is committed to increasing the environmental sustainability of its business and this is reflected in the development of new packaging,” Danone’s chief executive Mariano Lozano.

“In this aspect, the Activia and Danoninho brands are paving the way, while at the same time emphasizing their alignment with the wishes of consumers, who are keenly aware of sustainability-related issues,” he concluded.

Braskem’s chief executive Carlos Fadigas said that Braskem is strengthening its partnership with Danone by using sustainable carriers, associating brands with quality and reliability and reinforcing the concept of biopolymer as a solution that benefits sustainability.(Kristin Dian Mariano)


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