Burgsmüller Twin Srew Extrusion Wear and Process Engineering

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Burgsmüller GmbH ( www.burgsmueller.de ) has been founded in 1876. We are the experts for whirling technology of machining helical geometries for spindle and nuts, extruders, mono pumps and spare parts as screw elements for the compounding industry.

In addition to the contract work we are a supplier of whirling machine and units for all different products as worm shafts, rotors (single or multi lobe) and crankshafts. We have sold more than 1000 of units and more than 100 machines for various applications.

Plastics machines
Burgsmüller Twin Srew Extrusion Wear and Process Engineering

Today we are working with more than 70 employees in Kreiensen which is located in the north of Germany. We are a member of the KraussMaffei Group in Hanover and Munich. KraussMaffei ( www.kraussmaffei.com ) has a world wide net of companies and sales organisations.

In the last 10 years we have extended our sales area for wear components by extending our Know How for different twin screw extruders named as Berstorff, Coperion, Maris, Theyson/EKS, JSW, Leistritz, Bandera, APV, Toschiba etc., adding process support, and service advises. To follow our growth in sales the production capacity has also been extended. The current output is amounting to approximate 25000 to 30000 screw elements per year. On top of our own experience we have our mother company KraussMaffei Berstorff in the back who could also support if needed or required.

Burgsmüllers service portfolio for unidirectional twin-screw-extruder includes:
– screwelements
– barrels
– screw-shafts
– wear-measurement (contactless system)
– prozess-technology
– screw-design-improvement / screw layout (SIGMA-calculation-program)
– process metallurgy
– wear protection = increase of lifetime of the screw/barrel

My colleague Mr. Stefan Pfütze and Josef Lücke are supporting our worldwide customers from Kreiensen.

Website: www.burgsmueller.de