CSP Introduces Activ-Blister® Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Innovative desiccated blister packaging protects moisture and oxygen-sensitive solid dose pharmaceuticals for better product performance

CSP Introduces Activ-Blister® Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
CSP Introduces Activ-Blister® Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Boston, MA – October 18, 2012 – CSP Technologies, a leading supplier of active packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and consumer product industries, today announced the global launch of its Activ-Blister® desiccated blister packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Activ-Blister® desiccant film technology controls the internal atmosphere of each individual blister cavity, protecting moisture and oxygen-sensitive solid dose pharmaceuticals. The result is optimized product stability, increased shelf-life, and greater consumer convenience. Activ-Blister® also helps ensure consumer safety, because unlike conventional desiccants, there is no chance of accidental ingestion.

Activ-Blister® offers manufacturers superior flexibility in packaging design, providing an opportunity to differentiate their products. By eliminating the need for traditional desiccant tablets in separate blister wells, Activ-Blister® allows for a slimmer, more convenient packaging form-factor while simplifying the end-user experience. In addition, by featuring product protection without increased blister size, Activ-Blister® provides manufacturers with potential cost savings through reduced material usage, freight costs and fuel consumption.

“Activ-Blister® is an entirely new approach to protecting pharmaceuticals with specialized packaging that can build a unique identity for brands,” according to Dan L’Ecuyer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CSP Technologies. “Rather than use a desiccant chip inside a separate well in a blister, our proven technologies provides all the protection without increasing blister size and material or shipping costs.”

CSP’s patented technology integrates precise desiccant, gas-absorption, and sealing properties into the blister-pack itself, extending shelf life and product performance. Activ-Blister® exhibits excellent performance capacity with moisture absorption up to 20mgs and oxygen scavenging up to 30ccs. In addition, CSP’s Activ-Blister®® technology is available in a variety of sizes, including all type of round tablets and capsules up to size 0, with either multilayer barrier films or aluminum foil blisters to provide protection from both moisture and oxygen.

“Safely preserving drug potency and extending shelf life are high priorities for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and for the patients who rely on their products,” says L’Ecuyer. “Activ-Blister®, CSP’s breakthrough solid dose packaging technology provides a strong product solution that meets customer needs while also safeguarding patient health.”

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