China to lift ban on disposable foam tableware in future

adsale_cprj_18july_enAccording to media reports on a press briefing by the National Development and Reform

Commission (NDRC) of China, the country will select a right timing to lift the ban on disposable polystyrene (PS) foam tableware.

As reported, the NDRC’s decision is based on four criteria. First of all, disposable foam boxes are proved to be safe under the Sanitation Criteria for Polystyrene Resin in Food Packaging (GB9692-1988) and the Hygienic Standard for Polystyrene Products Used as Food Containers and Tablewares (GB9689-1988).

Secondly, PS foam tableware can be recycled, meeting the current trend of minimizing wastes.

Thirdly, PS foam tableware are allowed in advanced countries including Japan, the US and EU. There are proper recycling systems and more advanced products are being developed.

In addition, the current situation is much different from the time the ban was introduced 10 years ago. People are more civilized and environmentally concerned nowadays.

However, the NDRC reportedly has no intention to lift the ban this year because an integrated system from production to recycling has not yet been set up in the country.

The NDRC advises that related industry entry criteria, recycling systems and standards must first be formulated to ensure the stable transition of using PS foam boxes again. After these works are done, it will then decide when to lift the ban.


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