China scrap plastic market on 9th, March, 2009

PMMA market held steady and the sales of high grade material moved faster due to strong demand while dealers kept quiet. The latest price: pure PMMA board 7,800RMB per ton.

ABS price kept in line with earlier days and the supply kept stable in the market. Scrap spots can meet the demand as susal from buyers while the recycling supply was sufficient. The latest price: mixed ABS phone housing 4,500RMB per ton, mixed ABS housing shred 5,800RMB per ton.

Following weak new material price, traders’ enthusiasm for importing goods has dampened, which drifted the market into gloomy atmosphere. Spot goods supply was scarce and the trade in futures also plunged due to volatile price. The latest price: transparent PC bucket 1050USD per ton.

POM bar trade kept stable, but the price was a little higher in the market. Although the demand for purchasing has increased, the market was still unvigorous as most of traders took a wait-and-see attitude. The latest price: milk white POM Dupont bar 17,000-17,500RMB per ton.

PVC trade was dimmed as the traders lost their confidence about the market in the near future and cut the purchases. The latest price: scrap PVC tube 9,500-10,200RMB per ton.

As the price plunged, most of dealers have refrained from trading, which drifted the trade into stagnancy. The latest price: HDPE film in roll 4,500RMB per ton.

PP market moved steadily and the price has went up slightly, pulled by overseas market. Hwever, the demand outlook continued to be pessimistic. The latest price: white PP big bag (dirty) 2,800-3,200RMB per ton, white PP big bag (clean) 3,800-4,500RMB per ton.

PS price kept in line with last week and the suppliers moved actively, however, the trade volume was smaller-than-expected due to dewindled buying intention. The latest price: scrap PS housing 4,600RMB per ton.

Scrap PET price kept stable and the trade was in general. The supply from overseas was unstable currently and the demand from domestic customers was weak. The latest price: PET mixed bottle 2,600RMB per ton, mixed PET raw flake 3,200RMB per ton.

LDPE scrap film price went up slightly and the trade moved up due to strong demand, but there was still some traders presented cautiously and kept on the sideline. The latest price: LDPE98 film 3,700-3,900RMB per ton.



Source: worldscrap