China scrap plastic market on 13th, Apr.

PMMA market moved steadily as there remained the demand. Traders kept cool and sold the stockpiles when they considered the price was OK. The latest price: PMMA shred 9,100RMB per ton.

PA scrap price rose slightly and the trade volume has increased as the customers felt optimistic about the market in the near future. The latest price: white PA6 nylon scrap fiber 5,000-5,200RMB per ton.

LDPE scrap film market revived due to strong buying and the demand presented robust, but the supplies were tight. Traders looked optimistic about the market in the near future and held up the price. The latest price: LDPE98 transparent film (clean) 4,900-5,100RMB per ton.

PC product price held steady, but most of traders kept on the sideline due to supply glut. The latest price: PC transparent red car lamp 6,800RMB per ton.

POM bar trading was lackluster due to low new material price, but the customers who inquired the price have increased sharply. The latest price: white POM bar ( with some black blends) 11,700RMB per ton.

PVC trade was dimmed due to sluggish demand, which slashed traders’ buying intention. The price kept unchanged. The latest price: mixed color PVC large pieces of scrap tube 9,000RMB per ton, PVC scrap cable 2,800RMB per ton.

HDPE film price kept stable while the trade came into stagnancy due to restricted supplies.

Suppliers firmly up the price due to lack of shortage. The sales went smoothly and the trade volume has increased. Players presented optimistic about the market in the near future. The latest price: PP big bag regranule 5,800RMB per ton, PP big bag 4,000RMB, beige PP shred 5,300RMB per ton.

ABS price held steady. The scrap spot supply was tight while regranule supply was sufficient. The suppliers made fast sale when the price was reasonable. The buyers had high intention of building stockpiles. The latest price: mixed color ABS phone housing 4,800RMB per ton.

PS market kept unchaged. Suppliers presented actively while the purchaser had low demand, which resulted in small trade volume. The latest price: PS scrap housing 4,600RMB per ton.