The programme for the second edition of Chemical Recycling has beenannounced

*[Bristol, UK, 20 May 2021] – *AMI, leading provider of market intelligenceand events for the global plastics industry, has recently released theprogramme for Chemical Recycling. The conference will take place in-personon 27-28 September 2021 at the InterContinental Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany.

The two-day event will offer attendees the chance to update their knowledgeon chemical recycling and fully understand the range of technologies,outputs, and concepts available as well as how they can help to meet localand national recycling targets.

“Chemical recycling and enabling policy environment: two keys to reach EU recycling targets” presented by Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar, Secretary General at Chemical Recycling Europe

“Chemical Recycling: Challenges and solutions” presented by Jean-Christophe Lesguillier, Project Manager at The Alliance to End Plastic Waste

“End-to-End value chain collaboration to enable chemical recycling” presented by Dr. Colin Kerr, Packaging Technology Director at Unilever – “Transitioning towards a circular economy with advanced recycling technologies” presented by Inari Seppä, Innovation Director at Eastman Chemical Company

“Chemical Recycling: Accelerating the transition into a circular economy for plastics“ presented by Henk Pool, Innovation Manager at European Chemical Industry Council – CEFIC

Chemical recycling has in the last few years come to the fore as a tool toaddress the growing waste plastics problem due to its ability to handlewhat has previously been considered “difficult to recycle” plastics. It hasgarnered interest from across the industry, from petrochemical companies,waste management, machinery producers and brand owners. Many announcementsof commitments to develop chemical recycling have been made, although highlevels of investment, lengthy scale up processes and lack of supportinglegislation have proved stumbling blocks to considerable advancement.

AMI’s Chemical Recycling 2021 conference will build on the knowledge gainedin the 2020 virtual event, and further explore the challenges andopportunities in the chemical recycling market. Presentations will look attechnologies, outlooks, regulations and how the industry must work togetherto close the loop and bring about a fully circular economy that includeschemical recycling as a major contributor to increase recycling rates andlower carbon emissions.

In addition to industry presentations, the conference includesopportunities for extended discussions and idea sharing. Delegates will beoffered unrivalled opportunities to network, exchange experiences and learnthrough interaction with key representatives from all areas of therecycling value chain. This conference is a must-attend for anyone wishingto stay up to date on the latest developments in the dynamic market ofchemical recycling.

The conference will be held two days before AMI’s Plastics Recycling WorldExpo, which takes place at the Messe Essen in Germany on 29-30 September2021. By running the Chemical Recycling conference and AMI’s plasticsindustry expos back-to-back, you will have access to a whole week ofnetworking and knowledge sharing from industry professionals from acrossthe whole recycling supply chain and more.

For further information on attending, exhibiting, or sponsoring this event,please contact Louella Osano, Conference Organiser on Tel: +44 (0) 117 3148111 or Louella.Osano@ami.international