Shape memory polymer with a permanent shape that can be changed, locking features from previous shape

Scientists have developed a shape memory polymer with a difference: the polymer’s permanent shape can be changed multiple times, with the features from the previous shape remaining locked into the structure. This means that increasingly complex morphologies can be sequentially built into the polymer – something that is not possible using a conventional mould. The […]

Polymer resin insulating film returns to its original shape after stretching 2.5 times its length

Panasonic has developed a soft, flexible, and stretchable polymer resin insulating film which stretches 2.5x its length and returns to its original shape. It can be folded and adapts adapts to varying free-form surfaces, so reducing existing design constraints. For example, it enables the construction of soft and stretchable electronic devices that are adaptable to […]

Lightweighting steers growth of global automotive elastomers market, finds Frost & Sullivan

Original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) emphasis on high performance and lightweighting is spawning new opportunities for the global automotive elastomers market, said Frost & Sullivan. The global automotive elastomers market, with revenues of US$8.83 billion in 2014, is estimated to reach US$13.06 billion in 2021. “The design flexibility and recyclability of thermoplastic elastomers give them an […]

RAMPF highlights expertise for gasketing on metal surfaces

IMTEX Forming 2016: Dispensing robot C-DR for cost effective automatic gasketing and dispensing of 2K PU-materials Zimmern o. R., December 2015. RAMPF Production Systems, a leading provider of systems for processing one-, two-, and multi-component reaction resin systems, as well as automation solutions, is presenting its expert knowledge for gasketing on metal surfaces at IMTEX […]

Water white clear LED potting compound from Intertronics

Water white clear LED potting compound from Intertronics

The use of “water white clear” potting compounds and encapsulants has increased substantially with the growth in LED lighting technology – Opti-tec 4200 from Intertronics is a high performance example. It is a low viscosity optically clear, non-yellowing polyurethane compound ideal for potting of LEDs and electronics, even in external situations where encapsulation with Opti-tec […]