Centre notifies Plastic Waste Management

The Centre has notified the Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2018. The amended Rules lay down that the phasing out of Multilayered Plastic (MLP) is now applicable to those MLP, which are non-recyclable, non-energy recoverable, or with no alternate use. Environment Ministry in a release said, the amended rules also prescribe a central registration system […]

The ‘river guardians’ fighting to clean up the world’s most plastic-polluted waterway

I’m knee-deep in the river Tame in Stalybridge, 15 miles east of Manchester. Beside me is Woz Andrew, a local fly-fishing guide. After climbing down a flight of stone steps from road level — hollowed by a century of boots and a remnant of this river’s industrial past — we have made our way slowly […]

Milind Deora column: Maharashtra’s plastic ban is just the beginning, more needs to be done for environment

The widespread use of plastic presents an interesting dilemma. A ubiquitous product, on the one hand it is utilised universally, across communities and industries, in electronic products and appliances, packaging, furniture, aviation, the automotive sector, machinery, and even life-saving products in healthcare amongst various other diverse sectors. On the other hand, it is single-handedly responsible […]