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BSG supplies new software with additional module for direct extrusion lines

BSG, a member of the Kreyenborg Group specializing in automation technology, has increased its software capability with an additional

software module for direct extrusion lines, according to its press release on August 1. The recently completed software can be used for all types of equipment lines in the direct extrusion procedure.

The software was developed for twin-screw, co-extrusion lines as used for film extrusion. Typically, such equipment lines consist of conveyors and feeders in combination with two, twin-screw extruders. Downstream of each extruder, a double screen changer/melt pump assembly is installed in tandem. Both lines converge together at a single flat film die. As said, the program has the capability of controlling the complete equipment line from a common operator panel.

The special software was developed to program the reverse control procedure. This procedure maintains a consistent material throughput at the flat film die, even during the screen changing procedure. This is a basic requirement of film production.

The further development of the software was initiated by an order placed with a German equipment manufacturer. The project was for a PET thermoforming line which has since been installed in Turkey.

Rainer Merissen, Managing Director of BSG, said, “We are delighted that the commissioning of this line was performed to the complete satisfaction of the customer. With this new feature our software package becomes even more comprehensive.”


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