Brückner: solutions lead to success

“It is important for Brückner to show that we are a solution provider starting from the first discussion with customer,” emphasized Markus Gschwandtner, Sales Director, Brückner Maschinenbau. “Not just talk about what equipment he needs, but what applications and solutions he is looking for.

At CHINAPLAS 2015, Brückner highlighted its Intelligent Line Management (ILM) system including an energy monitor for measuring and analyzing the energy consumption of the film production process based on the international standard ISO 50001.

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Brückner: solutions lead to success

As introduced, the ILM helps to optimize the energy consumption of each product to achieve high film quality with low energy input.

The company is working on other online quality control systems as well to enhance the quality of commodity films, revealed Mr Gschwandtner.

“Nowadays, the online system checks mainly the film thickness. We are finalizing a solution to measure haze in real time, thereby significantly reducing the possible product adjustment time. Other online measurements will be added step by step to enhance the quality and the continuation of quality,” he said.

In the future, instead of setting different parameters for production, it could even be possible for the manufacturer to select what type of products he wants and the machine will finish the rests.

“We are working on some models to streamline the operation that can reduce human error, meaning an improvement in productivity. But it is not something that will be finished in a few years times,” acknowledged Mr Gschwandtner.

There is an obvious over capacity in the Chinese commodity film market, so Brückner is trying to help the manufacturers by streamlining the production costs.

Already offering industry-leading 10.4m wide stretching film lines, the company is trying to increase the line speed to over 600m/min as the next target, roughly 20% better in terms of output. One or two lines are expected to be in operation in China after some capacities are digested.

Mr Gschwandtner believed that the commodity films market will pick up pace again by the end of next year or in 2017.

In the specialty films segment, the first EVAPORE battery separator film line from Brückner has just started up in China for Zhejiang Nanyang Technology Co. Ltd. The so called “dry process” is said to reduce production costs by one third vs. traditional technology.

In addition, Brückner is strengthen its services in China by establishing a 24/7 hotline for its customers. A spare parts warehouse was also recently opened in Shanghai in May.