At the NPE 2009, the triennial plastics trade fair to be held in Chicago from June 22 to 26, German brand Boy Machines, Inc., the Exton, Pennsylvania-based supplier of injection molding machines, will showcase a representative selection of their line of quality injection molding machines including the newly introduced BOY XS, the BOY XS V and the E-Series BOY 90 E. The BOY theme for NPE 2009 is SIMPLY PRECISE.

Five BOY XS machines (100 kN), which are being introduced to the North American market for the first time, will be grouped together to produce a personal kit including the two-part case and three other personal-use items. The parts will free-fall to a common conveyor and will be transferred to a table for on-site assembly and distribution to attendees. A sixth BOY XS will demonstrate micro molding by producing a tiny gear housing and will feature a unique vibratory sprue separator. The BOY XS, with a footprint of 0.81 m², is ideally suited for single-cavity sprueless injection molding.

A BOY XS V machine (100 kN), which features a vertical clamp and vertical injection unit, will demonstrate insert molding by producing a nail file. The BOY XS V footprint is 0.63 m².

A BOY 90 E (900 kN), which is also being introduced to the North American market for the first time, features a servo-motor pump drive that reduces energy consumption by 50 %, is quieter, faster, and even more precise. The BOY 90 E will run a three-plate, four-cavity cap mold. Real time energy consumption will be monitored and displayed on a large screen.

A BOY 35 A (350 kN) will demonstrate its two-component Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) capabilities by producing finger cots in a four-cavity family mold.

All nine BOY machines will be equipped with the patented Procan ALPHA control. The remote access and control features of the Procan ALPHA will be demonstrated by accessing via an internet connection a BOY 22 A that will be producing parts at the BOY Exton, Pennsylvania headquarters. A video cam of the remote machine will be displayed on a large screen and real time remote access to the Procan ALPHA control will be demonstrated.



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