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Bosch offers compact machine for filling and closing of ampoules

Bosch Packaging Technology will present a compact machine, ARF 10×0, for the pharmaceutically safe filling and closing of opened and closed ampoules at the Interpack 2011.


As introduced, the ARF 10×0 for the filling and closing of opened ampoules, consists of two gassing stations (pre-filling and post-filling gassing), a two position filling station with servo controlled rotary valve piston pumps, and a digital flowmeter for the easy and thorough reproduction of the flame regulation for the closing of the ampoules. The ignition of the flame takes place automatically and can be easily activated from the machine’s operator interface.

The machine is loaded with ampoules or injection bottles via an inclined loading station. A scroll conveyer loaded into the transport starwheel then singularizes the containers, which runs with an indexing motion. The starwheel gently transports the containers, in a low particle and laminar friendly way through the working stations.

The ampoules in the transport starwheel at the closing station are taken by a special holder and rotated for closing. “This process takes place without a rigid bottom or side guides, which guarantees an almost frictionless rotation of the ampoules. This process is on one hand gentler on the packaging materials and the other hand reduces the particle generation,” explains Klaus Schreiber, Product Manager of Bosch Packaging Technology.

Another step towards higher pharmaceutical safety is the pivoting motion of the removal grippers towards the back of the machine, Bosch says. In this way the laminar flow over the opened ampoule during the closing (melting) is not disturbed. Also, the central flame exhaust as well as the disposal shaft for the ampoule tips is arranged such that the laminar flow is affected as little a possible.

“The ARF 10×0 is the optimal solution for the small batch industrial production of ampoules, and can additionally be made a combination machine for the processing of injection bottles,” Mr Schreiber claims. “The new design is characterized by its compact design, with very good accessibility and especially with a laminar flow friendly design of the working stations.”


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