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battenfeld cincinnati supplies large diameter pipe extrusion lines to Pipelife Norge

battenfeld-cincinnati, one of the leading specialists in large-diameter pipe extrusion,

has won a contract with a leading supplier of large-diameter pipes Pipelife Norge AS, Surnadal, Norway, which recently placed an order for one of the world’s biggest large-diameter pipe extrusion lines to produce fully walled polyolefin pipes with diameters of up to 2,500mm at its plant in Stathelle, also in Norway.

battenfeld-cincinnatiPipelife Norge specializes in manufacturing pipes of enormous lengths and claims to be the only company worldwide to produce pipe segments with a length of up to 600m for offshore applications. For this purpose, the pipes are extruded directly into the sea, then bundled and towed to the desired place of installation. The advantages of laying pipe segments in such lengths are low transport and installation costs, a reduced risk of damage to the pipes in transit, and simple, quick laying with only very few welded joints.

With the line now on order from battenfeld-cincinnati, Pipelife Norge is extending its product portfolio to pipes of up to 2,500mm in diameter. To this end, the line is equipped with a 120mm single-screw extruder from the new 40D solEX series. The extruder is capable of plasticizing up to 2,200kg of resin per hour with optimal melt homogeneity according to battenfeld-cincinnati. This compact processing machine comes with an anti-wear coated barrel-and-screw combination, is equipped with a maintenance-free AC drive and is easily set and monitored via an integrated control system in the extruder. The two-step helix 2500 VSI pipe die model selected, featuring a lattice basket combined with a spiral mandrel, has already been proven many times in polyolefin processing and is characterized, among other things, by an optimal wall thickness distribution without corrugated inner surfaces, according to battenfeld-cincinnati.

Pipelife Norge has chosen several die change sets capable of producing pipes with a wide range of diameters from 1,200mm to 2,500mm and with wall thicknesses ranging from 48mm to 96mm. Also custom-made for the Norwegian application is the haul-off system, which battenfeld-cincinnati will deliver together with the extruder and main extrusion die at the end of this year. The caterpillar haul-off, also a customized product made to measure, is equipped with 14 caterpillars, each with its own drive, and laid out for pipes with diameters ranging from 1,200mm to 2,500mm. According to the customer’s specifications, the caterpillar haul-off comes with special safety gates, which allow access for servicing and adjustments of settings during production. Finally, the caterpillar haul-off also has its own BMCtouch control system which allows each caterpillar to be set individually.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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