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BASF opens first online store on Alibaba platform in China

BASF has established an online store on China’s Alibaba e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), who can use Alipay, a mature payment platform in the country to carry out transactions.

SMEs that produce goods such as household electric appliances, coatings and ink, feed and packaged food and beverages as well as textile and furniture can now buy a wide range of BASF solutions directly from the online store, including polyamide (PA), MDI, pigments and dispersion, nutrition and health ingredients. The site also supports small retailers of fuel additives and emissions treatment equipment.

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BASF opens first online store on Alibaba platform in China

BASF is reportedly the first multi-national chemical company to showcase such a wide range of offerings via the Alibaba platform.

“By launching our first store on Alibaba, customers from the SME segment can buy our products easily and efficiently. SMEs can also quickly obtain information and support online,” said Zheng Daqing, Senior Vice President, Business and Market Development Greater China, BASF. “This marks the first cooperation between BASF and e-commerce companies in China. We hope to expand our business by leveraging the wide user base of Alibaba and achieve greater success hand in hand with SMEs.”

SMEs account for 99% of the total number of enterprises in China, and contribute 60% to the gross domestic product.


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