Bags and additive made from earth friendly plastics

Jig-A-Loo USA, Inc. a maker of innovative automotive and home improvement products, announced yesterday (May 7) their partnership with Handy Hardware, a dealer owned hardware buying group headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Handy Hardware will now offer Jig-A-Loo’s entire family of products to its dealers, including Jig-A-Loo’s recently launched EconoGreen line of 100% recycled and oxo-degradable plastic bags and drop cloths. Their dealer base of 1,200 stores has grown to cover ten states and parts of Mexico and Central America.

The dealers of Handy Hardware will now have access to Jig-A-Loo’s entire family of innovative products including their flagship silicone lubricant Jig-A-Loo, Jig-A-Patch drywall repair kit, graphite-based lubricant Graphite Extreme, waterless and ragless hand cleaner Jig-A-Clean and their newest line, eco-friendly EconoGreen Plastics.

Engineered to be fully oxo-degradable and breakdown completely within two years, EconoGreen bags are extremely durable and long lasting. Oxo-degradation involves the addition of a proprietary additive into EconoGreen’s formula that helps accelerate the decomposition of the plastic over time. This allows naturally occurring elements to break down the plastic into simple organic compounds. In the end, the process leaves behind no residue or harmful toxins that can harm the environment while costing the same or less than other plastics on the market.