At K 2013 Songwon the Salient in Additives partner demonstrates its value

At K 2013 Songwon the Salient in Additives partner demonstrates its value
  • Songwon’s continued commitment drives and delivers reliable, secure and innovative products
  • Songwon continues to expand its portfolio of products and partners globally
  • Songwon continues to invest in technology and capacity to meet the needs of its customers

Ulsan, Korea – June 5, 2013 – At K 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Songwon (, the world’s second largest supplier of additives to the global polymer industry, will demonstrate that being Salient in Additives has led them to be a prominent and powerful partner that has invested in the ambitions of its stakeholders.

At K 2013 Songwon the Salient in Additives partner demonstrates its value
At K 2013 Songwon the Salient in Additives partner demonstrates its value

Maurizio Butti, Songwon’s Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Songwon Industrial Group’s Executive Committee, said: “At K 2013 we will highlight how Songwon’s performance and investment capability has ensured that customers have products that do the job needed, as and where demand is created, and that our production technology provides stability and security that can be delivered globally. We continue to focus our efforts on increasing our understanding of what our customers challenges are and how we can contribute to their success.”

Your reliability – our security of supply
Songwon is on course to deliver yet another year of growth and productivity that, even during the last few turbulent years of economic instability, has exceeded expectations in 2012 with an 8.06% overall growth versus 2011. This trend continued in the first quarter of 2013 and has provided a solid foundation for investing in products, processes, and partners that enable them to supply an ever increasing portfolio of solutions with reliability, consistency and security together with sustainable economics that meet customers’ needs.

An increasing number of customers in an ever increasing polymer world, driven by shifting global demand and production capacity, rely on additives as a backbone in meeting their demands. At the same time, they have come to recognize the value that Songwon has demonstrated consistently, despite economic uncertainty, and that they can continue with their growth plans, safe in the knowledge that Songwon will be alongside them in the future.

Your Polymers – Our Stabilizers
Among many recent highlights that demonstrate that Songwon is meeting its promises is the recent introduction of Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) which will be supplied globally in cooperation with Sabo. In China, a joint venture with Tangshan Baifu Chemical Co. Ltd. is now capable of delivering 8.000 metric tons of Songnox® Thioester Antioxidants which are widely used in PE, PP, ABS, HIPS, polyester and polyamide, as well as other materials. Songnox® OPS (One Pack Systems) is also growing strong. OPS combine a range of additives into a dust-free pellet form and offer greater assurance to the compounding process reducing quality control, eliminating over- and underdosing as well as enabling a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Your Needs – Our investments
In 2012 Songwon invested in OPS technology and global manufacturing capacity to ensure consistent quality across the globe. With production facilities in Greiz, Germany and Houston, USA in operation as well as start-up of production of an additional 7.000 metric tons in Kizad, Abu Dhabi early in 2014, Songwon is able to meet customer requirements anywhere in the world. Songwon has developed production processes that continue to deliver increased capacity at sustainable economics and is currently translating and proliferating its successful technology across its production facilities to ensure consistency and reliability of supply.

REACH and other global environmental regulation initiatives have become stricter and as a result the movement to replace Butyltin compounds is accelerating, especially in the European market. Songwon is proactively reducing its DBTO (Di-n-Butyltin Oxide) capacity, however to ensure that it can provide products that meet customers’ needs without compromising its environmental stewardship, it has embarked on a program to expand DOTO (Dioctyl Tin Oxide). This has come on stream in Korea as planned resulting in increased sales of Tin Intermediates as Songwon foresees that where possible, Butyltin compounds will be replaced by Octyltin compounds by 2015.

Maurizio Butti concludes: “Songwon’s stabilizer packages are tailored to boost the properties of polymers that find their way into applications in agriculture, construction, infrastructure, packaging, transportation, and many other critical industry segments. Our solutions are contributing to lighter weight, better quality cars by allowing thinner wall thickness at faster processing speeds and allowing a wider range of more stable colors. Farmers are using films that provide longer crop protection.

At the same time, materials are becoming more durable, will look better and will last longer, needing less maintenance, all of which can only be achieved through the use of the right stabilization package for the right polymer in the appropriate application. Packaging is becoming more environmentally sustainable and, together with many other applications, can be recycled more easily thanks to OPS additive packages that can upgrade recycle streams back into valuable polymers.”

Songwon will be available to discuss these and many other products at K 2013 on Stand C79 in Hall 6.