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Ashland expands Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin product line and availability

Derakane epoxy vinyl ester, a corrosion-resistant resin line from specialty chemical producer Ashland Performance Materials, has been expanded and is also now more widely available.
In addition to industry-standard Derakane Momentum 411-350 resin and the Derakane Momentum 510C-350 resin the newly-issued line card now includes Derakane 451-400 and Derakane 515-400 resins, which were derived from Ashland’s Hetron corrosion-resistant resins. This improved product line ensures the global availability of solutions for an extensive array of applications that call for the performance and consistency built into Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins.

Ashland recently introduced an enhanced customer assistance process that provides “round-the-clock” access to the company’s global team of corrosion resistant composites experts.

Derakane resins are backed by ASTM C-581 corrosion testing and an extensive library of case histories that document performance in corrosion resistance applications. The industry-leading range of corrosion- and fire-resistant products from Ashland helps fabricators select the right resins for the environment and their applications.



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