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Americhem Offers a Superior Family of High-Performance Stabilizers

Americhem, Inc., a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for polymer- based and synthetic-fibers products, recently introduced nDuramax™, an advanced family of high-performance UV stabilizers.

The product line includes a new UV stabilizer solution for PET fibers that offers significantly improved weathering compared to traditional technologies. “nDuramax™ is a result of a constant quest for technological solutions that advance the industries we serve,” said the product’s inventor, Dr. V.G. Kulkarni, Americhem’s technical marketing director for fibers, packaging and films. “More than two years of work went into developing the dramatic performance enhancements offered by nDuramax™ for PET Fibers.”

Dr. Kulkarni continued, “It’s particularly beneficial for outdoor PET applications like awnings, boat covers, and geosynthetics. These products are constantly exposed to the elements, and require fibers that display exceptional weathering performance. Existing market offerings can prevent degradation to a point, but nDuramax™ takes it a step further. Color, physical and mechanical properties retention and service life are dramatically improved.”

The line of stabilizers also includes a high-performance product for the packaging industry, offering extended shelf life, preservation of product contents, and enhanced color consistency. The line also “protects against color fade, maintains bottle clarity and is suitable for multiple FDA or non-FDA applications in the polyester packaging industry,” Dr. Kulkarni added.

“The beauty of nDuramax™ is that it’s completely customizable,” said Roger Threadgill, Americhem’s technology manager for synthetic fibers and engineering resins. “The unrivaled strength offered by this family of solutions can be combined with color and other additives to create masterbatches for a range of applications. The resulting end products withstand harsh environmental conditions far beyond competing technologies.”

“nDuramax™ Fibers solutions also offer excellent spinnability, customized use rates, and unrivaled performance in the field,” Dr. Kulkarni said. “It significantly exceeds the level of other stabilizer packages in the market today.”

About Americhem

Americhem is a global organization that delivers custom color and additive solutions for clients seeking superior performance and batch-to-batch consistency for their polymer products. The company specializes in color and additive masterbatches, and single pigment dispersions, all backed by complete technical support that ensures quality, reliability and value. Americhem operates six manufacturing plants and also maintains representative sales offices in México City and Luxembourg. Central Research & Development facilities and headquarters are located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.



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