AIMPLAS concludes researches of nano-coating technology

In collaboration with five other organizations, AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Center in Spain announced the completion of researches aiming to develop new functional coatings with nano-technology.

According to the researchers involved in the project, nano-technology applied to the modification of different surfaces is a significant tool in the future. Innovative surface treatments allow important improvement of the properties of traditional materials and they also proportionate new functions which have never been used.

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AIMPLAS concludes researches of nano-coating technology

During the project development the treatments are being studied by nano-materials with higher current technology interest, both for polymeric substrates and metallic, wooden, textile, ceramic or in glass substrates.

The purpose of this collaboration between such horizontal sectors is to find and define common points, synergies and convergences between the different coating technologies and surface treatments.

Another point of special interest of this collaboration between centers has focused on detecting convergences when employing the characterization techniques common in metals, wood, textiles, ceramics or polymers that determine the properties improvement in surface (tribological, sensorial, microbial, different functions, etc.)

The research tasks are carried out within the frame of the project Nanosurf and funded by the Valencian Centre of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) funds.

It was coordinated by AIMPLAS and has counted on the participation of the four centers associated to REDIT: the Ceramics Technology Institute (ITC), the Metal Mechanic Technology Institute (AIMME), the Technology Institute of Furniture, Wood and Packaging (AIDIMA) and the Textile Industry Research Association (AITEX).