A showcase of new technologies from Reifenhäuser Blown Film

Plastics machines

Reifenhäuser Blown Film, a Reifenhäuser Group company, is presenting its latest blown film technologies at NPE 2015.

According to the company, there are three major market trends in the blown film sector:

1. Mono layer films are still demanded and still maintain their market share when it comes to high density polyethylene (HDPE) long neck production for fresh produce bags, refuse bags, masking films, etc, also low density or linear low density PE (LD/LLDPE) is still used for mono applications.

Plastics machines
A showcase of new technologies from Reifenhäuser Blown Film

2. High output five-layer polyolefin blown film systems are substituting step by step the standard three-layer systems. A five-layer line enables the film processor to downgauge, achieving raw material savings and maintaining or even improving film properties. This technology is being used for Collation shrink films, Stand-up pouches, Compression bags, Stretch Hoods and other general packaging products.

3. The meat and cheese packaging market as well as the convenience food market are demanding more and more layers. Nine or 11 layers are becoming a markets standard.

Reifenhäuser Blown Film is presenting the following new technologies at NPE:

ULTRA FUSION – A combination of compounding and blown film extrusion in a single process. Advantages are cost reduction, increased output, energy savings and reduction of carbon footprint. A unique technology for the flexible packaging industry.

ULTRA COOL – The operator friendly high capacity cooling system which stands for the high output rates due to its unique design, the match of controlled melt temperature at optimized homogeneity, and low pressure die heads.

ULTRA COOL FFS – It was especially designed for 21,6″ wide tubular Heavy duty shipping bags. The output rate of up to 1,000lbs/h from a 6.9″ die with LL rich recipes represents a market leading rate for high output FFS lines. Now Reifenhäuser Blown Film has supplied a 6.3″ die for the tubular production of 15,3″ wide salt bags.

ULTRA FLAT – Reifenhäuser is not building any printing machines, but the German engineers have developed a unique inline flattening system which is installed after the primary nip roll but before the air turning bars to improve flatness and in return increase the speed of converting systems while reducing waste. It works not only for companies that print and convert internally; it also significantly improves roll quality and hence is increasing the sale of film rolls.

At the booth of Reifenhäuser, an EVOLUTION C control panel is available for visitors to experience the 24″ color touch screen control. It offers intelligent assistants such as Job Size Control, Job Change Assistant, Start-up Assistant and Profile Speeder.

NPE 2015 is currently running until March 27 in Orlando, the US


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