PlastikCity is proud to have welcomed 54 new partners to its website throughout 2020. The site is always growing its partner base to improve its service to the UK & IE plastics industry.

All of the new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering established UK and Ireland based companies offering high-quality equipment and services.

New partners include KUKA, igus, WSM Plastics, Chem-Trend, plus many more. Many partners from the 3D printing industry also joined the site, with the launch of PlastikCity’s Additive Manufacturing super section in March 2020.

Carl Futcher, Managing Director at PlastikCity, reviewed the year:

“As in all walks of life, the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the UK & IE plastics industries in 2020. Common with most, the second quarter was also a massive challenge for the PlastikCity team, as our partners were forced to close, furlough staff or work from home.

“What I will say, though, is that I’m incredibly gratified that PlastikCity could be utilised in the fight against the spread of COVID. On several occasions, our networking helped UK companies source and manufacture products and materials required for PPE and life-saving equipment. It was also satisfying to see plastic manufacturing finally get some good press about the great industry it is.

“There’s a feeling of guilt to express anything positive about the year, so reluctantly I say we recovered and ultimately grew our business over the year. Yes, we had to adapt. We took the quiet period to train our team and increase our digital services. This included adding facilities such as webinars and web forensics to our portfolio.

“By June, our partners started to realise that COVID wasn’t a short term situation. They understood that if they wanted to survive, they also needed to adapt and promote themselves out to the market. Cancellation of events saw digital media come firmly to the forefront. Since July, both our PlastikCity and PlastikMedia platforms experienced a massive increase in traffic and demand.

“I’m proud that our industry is remaining resilient and I humbly thank our partners for supporting us. As you can see by our additional 54 partners, we will continue to grow, and during this process, we will continuously improve the services we provide.”

PlastikCity is a web-based procurement and marketing tool, serving the UK & IE plastics industry. This includes a facility to acquire and compare quotes from the leading suppliers in the UK & IE, across a comprehensive range of products and services. All partners are vetted to have a strong UK or IE base and excellent service.

If you’re not already a PlastikCity Partner and you want to promote your company to the plastics market, visit this page to apply to join.

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