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Commodities plastic used in sports celebrates a milestone

The Kettler company is cladding its new cross trainer Satura P 7653 with Terluran GP-35, a standard ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymer) from BASF’ product range of plastics, which Kettler itself then colors in light grey and black.

This Terluran type is manufactured at the ABS plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which will be celebrating the production of its one millionth ton in July of 2009.

For self-coloring of ABS BASF offers the system Colorflexx, which was developed in cooperation with leading masterbatch suppliers in Europe in mid-2003. BASF supplies the undyed standard ABS, a so-called natural-colored product, while the masterbatch manufacturers provide the desired color concentrate. Working together, the suppliers ensure a smooth coloring operation at the customer’s premises and, right on site, they solve any problems that might arise. The Colorflexx model, which has already proven its worth for six years in Europe, goes hand in hand with the large world-scale ABS plant in Antwerp, Belgium, where only a few large-volume standard types of Terluran are manufactured.

The advantages of this concept include inexpensive materials, efficient logistics, short delivery times, high availability, small warehouse inventories, low capital tie-up and resultant high flexibility, all aspects that are greatly appreciated by plastic processors, who are proceeding with caution as they look for economic solutions during these times of severe cost pressure.



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