Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2013

Zeppelin provides energy efficient cooling power

Henschel Mixing Technology, a business unit of turnkey plant manufacturer Zeppelin Systems, will present its new series of cooling mixers HCE with outstanding cooling efficiency at K 2013.

Zeppelin provides energy efficient cooling power

Zeppelin provides energy efficient cooling power

The Mixer HCE (Horizontal Cooler EFF) is available in sizes ranging from 1,700-6,000L and is efficient in many ways: its good mixture quality guarantees short mixing and cooling times, and it features a newly designed vessel system as well as a newly developed cooled mixing tool with large surfaces.

Until now, producing PVC dryblends required blending and heating the PVC with fillers and additives in a heating mixer to finally cool it in a cooling mixer. Due to the cooling capacity required and the time available, the cooling mixer had to be 2.5 times larger than the heating mixer. Now, much smaller cooling mixers can be used.

The rotary feeder CFH, sizes from 250 to 850, enables continuous product feeding and discharge even when the process vessel is pressurized. Two functions are performed simultaneously: the material is conveyed while the feeder is sealed from the process. The rotor and the housing match perfectly to minimize the air leakage through gaps.

Zeppelin’s rigid rotary feeder has been designed to withstand the different rotor and housing expansions and distortions generally caused by high temperatures and pressures. Temperature control is used to heat up the housing in order to minimize the gaps and consequently the air leakage.