Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Understanding the power of color: What Is Your Brand’s Identity?

What does your branding say about your product? For so many products, the colors that carefully wrap around the merchandise define everything about them. The red packaging on Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles shouts happiness (so much so that an entire campaign was run based on this theme). Peaceful is how Starbucks is described, as every iced coffee is served in a plastic cup branded with a soothing green logo. And it is not at all an accident that examples like these can be found again and again.

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Understanding the power of color: What Is Your Brand’s Identity?

Keep in mind, the importance of color extends far beyond the borders of a logo alone. The packaging themselves can also have a great impact on the buyer. Consumers are immediately drawn to the bold red of an Old Spice deodorant stick or spray. The green Sprite bottle allows this brand to stand out among a sea of clear bottles. And nothing says party for college students like those little red plastic SOLO cups.

Color can be the sole reason a consumer makes a purchase. It also frequently prompts repurchases, as seen with the release of new colors in products such as Beats by Dre and the iPhone 6. This occurs because colors have a psychological effect on the mind. So when it is time to pick out the color scheme for your products or packaging, it is important to understand the impact the color you choose will have on your brand.