Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

SML rolls out MiniCast flexible stretch film line

SML Maschinenges. mbH introduced at CHINAPLAS its new MiniCast stretch film line what is 1.5m wide and consists of a modular system comprising two pre-configured extrusion units with throughputs ranging from 1,200kg/h to 1,400kg/h.

MiniCast combines a small footprint with high production flexibility, with a choice between three or five layers that can be customized easily.

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SML rolls out MiniCast flexible stretch film line

Apart from the upgraded 90mm standard extruder, the SML concept includes an “automatic” chill roll unit, based on the SmartCast concept, plus an optical thickness measuring system and direct trim refeeding via a scraptruder.

A further benefit of the MiniCast configuration is that allows switching from 3x500mm to 2x750mm production. The line is supplemented by a single turret version of the well-known W4000-4S winder.

The specialty film market started to grow quickly last year, pointed out Karl Stöger, SML’s Managing Director. Products for fuel cell and electronics applications were of high interests. He added that 2014 was a good year for SML.