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Capacity in tons=50 tons
Bed size(inches)=18×20
Bed to Ram(inches)=12
Bed Bore(inches)=6

Gear Dia(inches)=26
Fly Wheel Dia(inches)=32
Crank Shaft Dia(inches)=4.3/4
Back Shaft Dia(inches)=3.1/8
Hole in Ram for Die Clamping(inches)=1.5
No. of Stokes(inches)=60
Pully Size(inches)=7
Total Height(inches)=85
Motor Required=5 H.P.

Capacity in tons=75 tons
Bed size(inches)=20×22
Bed to Ram(inches)=14
Bed Bore(inches)=7
Gear Dia(inches)=30
Fly Wheel Dia(inches)=36
Crank Shaft Dia(inches)=5.5
Back Shaft Dia(inches)=3.5
Hole in Ram for Die Clamping(inches)=1.3/4
No. of Stokes(inches)=56
Pully Size(inches)=7
Total Height(inches)=91
Motor Required=5 H.P.
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