Elastocon has developed an oven, EB 16, for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1. To avoid too high temperature loss when inserting and cutting the samples, the samples are introduced through a small opening in the top of the oven.

To get a suitable working height and not shake the samples during insertion, the samples are fixed and the oven moves up and down by a pneumatic cylinder. EB 16 is equipped with pinching protection and an emergency button for increased safety. The oven has a controlled air exchange rate and low air speed, meeting the requirements for ageing ovens in IEC 811.

Measurements are made through the window with a laser pointer mounted on a measuring scale placed on the door. The window is designed so it can be taken apart for cleaning. A calliper is included for measurements outside the oven, as well as a computer with MS Office installed. Both the laser and the calliper are connected to the computer.

The EB 16 Hot Set system is supplied with software for entering the data into an Excel sheet. For this, an Excel template is included.

More information is available at Elastocon AB. Send an email to [email protected] or call us at +4633-22 56 30.


Source: Elastocon AB

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