Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2013

Light Stabilizer Innovations Make Polymers Last Longer

In the recent Chinaplas 2013, Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary, a leading specialty chemical company displayed some of the company’s recent developments in light stabilizer technologies that might lead to some interesting new applications for plastics outdoor.

1. Tiangang® T-81 and Tiangang® T-70 are two innovative solutions to polypropylene compounders that serves the automotive industry, which is known to have very stringent requirements on plastics materials.

Light Stabilizer Innovations Make Polymers Last Longer

Light Stabilizer Innovations Make Polymers Last Longer

Tiangang’s latest generation of PP light stabilizers Tiangang® T-81 and Tiangang® T-70 feature improved compatibility with the resin, increased effective concentration at the surface of plastics, where photo-degradation mostly takes place, and therefore improved light stabilizing performances in polypropylene, while reducing environmental concerns such as tackiness due to immigration of additives, VOC level and etc. Such features make these two ideal choice for stabilizing polypropylene especially for automotive industry.

2. Improving light stability of polypropylene materials is also an important subject for other compounding applications, including electrical appliances, and various other applications. How to achieve more with dosing less is always an interesting topic in material development research. Tiangang also showcased a novel light stabilizer solution, the Tiangang® HS-6608, which is targeted to improve weatherability of various plastics, especially the polypropylene thick applications with less dosing level, or achieving much higher performances that were not achieved before. These shall find some new interesting outdoor applications for polypropylene.

3. Applications like fibers, films, and artificial turfs have high requirements on light stabilizers, not only on high light stabilizing performances, but also in “side benefits” such as further improved long-term heat stability, improved water carry-over issue, reduced gas fading problems, and so on. To tackle these issues, Tiangang has rolled out two new light stabilizers, Tiangang® HS-950 and Tiangang® HS-625. These two high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizers over takes the widely-recognized light stabilizer Tiangang® HS-944, and set new standards in performances including improving long-term heat stability.

4. Conventional HALS are mostly sensitive to acidic substances, like acid rain and acidic pesticide, which would deactivate HALS and causing pre-mature failure of plastics like agricultural films. Tiangang’s latest HALS products Tiangang® T-68 and Tiangang® T-69 have passed a series of severe tests in 4 years by the agricultural industries with field application in various regions across China with very positive results.

Meanwhile, phase 1 of Tiangang’s new world-class plant for light stabilizers in Gu’an, Hebei Province was completed at the end of 2012. The new plant takes an area of 100,000 sq.m and fully DCS controlled with strategic backward integration on key intermediates.