Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013

Gamma Meccanica brings along new underwater pelletizer recycling line

Gamma Meccanica SpA, headquartered in Italy, will bring its new underwater pelletizer recycling line to CHINAPLAS 2013.

Gamma Meccanica brings along new underwater pelletizer recycling line

Gamma Meccanica brings along new underwater pelletizer recycling line

The recently delivered new line, a GM125 COMPAC system, is capable of regenerating PET in the form of yarn, fabric, sheet and film. It is composed of the following equipment: COMPAC with ECOTRONIC system (Cutter-Compactor), extruder, screen changer and the new underwater pelletizer. The new ECOTRONIC system achieves precise temperature control without the use of water. Higher operational temperatures thus enable the system to flash-off high amounts of moisture from the material before it enters the extruder.

There have also been changes to the feeding screw that meters material uniformly into the extruder screw for more efficiency. Access to the Cutter-Compactor is now easier, with a side door placed at a convenient height, for clean out, color and material changes. Furthermore, changes to the frame and conveyors makes for a more efficient operation with better access for maintenance. The system is fed normally by means of a conveyor, nip roll system for film reels, as well as, material fed pneumatically from the top.

The GM125 extruder has high performance degassing. It uses two vents with high vacuum to remove any possible residual moisture that is not extracted by the Cutter-Compactor. The screen changer is a special design, specifically for working with PET material. The end of the line consists of the newly designed TI 4.5 underwater pelletizer model that is able to process all materials present on the market, especially materials with high fluidity such as PET, HOT-MELT, TPU & Nylon among others.

Production capacity of this GM COMPAC system for PET can range from 150-2,800kg/h. The new TI underwater pelletizer is available in two sizes: TI 4.5, generally installed on Gamma lines GM65, GM90, GM105 and GM125; the TI 5.6, is generally installed on GM160, GM180 and GM210.