Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2012

Broad range of applications for Automatik’s Sphero 50 underwater pelletizing system

Broad range of applications for Automatik's Sphero 50 underwater pelletizing system

Broad range of applications for Automatik's Sphero 50 underwater pelletizing system

Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH of the Maag Group is presenting a new generation of underwater pelletizing system, Sphero 50.

With its modifications, Sphero 50 can be especially applied in testing plants and technical centers but also in smaller production plants with varied pelletizing application options for virgin polymers, masterbatches, compounds, technical plastics, recycling, thermal elastomers, micro-granular compounds, and organic and timber-polymer materials.


Sphero 50 is capable of handling flow-rates of up to 600kg/h. In economic terms, even significantly lower flow-rates from approximately 70kg/h are already profitable subject to product. It is the smallest system of the Sphero series but offers the same benefits as the bigger versions, says the company.


The design of the Sphero 50 focuses on optimal user-friendliness and maintainability and can virtually be put into operation in a “Plug & Play” manner. The entire system is mounted on a solid, mobile frame with lockable wheels and can be moved easily, adapted to other extruders, or “parked” at an idle spot when not in use. All relevant pelletizer components such as start-up valves, die plates, water basins, and drives are suspended from a T-bar, can be shifted on the bar horizontally, and can be accessed easily.


All other system components such as the Centro 50 pellet dryer, the process water system, the hydraulic unit for the start-up valve, and the electric control cabinet with integrated touch panel are mounted to minimize the footprint while remaining freely accessible on the frame. The operator will not be hindered by tripping hazards and can easily access the system from any direction. The ergonomic design concept allows easy cleaning and quick changes of die plate, blade carrier, and blades can achieve quick product changeovers and reduced downtimes.


Special attention was given to the new design of the cutter head in order to ensure the production of evenly shaped, high-quality pellets, according to Automatik. Thanks to the reset force-free adaptation of the blades to the die plate, the pellet quality is improved and process reliability is increased. In addition, the characteristics of the pellet flow inside the cutting chamber have been optimized. Generation of dust is minimized with brittle products, reduced wear with fiber-reinforced plastics, and reduced agglutination with thermoplastic elastomers.


Sphero 50 fulfills the special requirements of masterbatch applications because it is comfortable to use and important components such as die plate or dryer are easily accessible for cleaning with optimal matching filtration to boot, adds the company.